Friday, January 25, 2013

1 Month Castor oil challenge

I hope you enjoyed my my facts based post on Cold Pressed Castor Oil vs Jamaican Black Castor Oil 
if you missed it here is a link

I know you might be wondering what was that for well its for a challenge that I am embarking on for one month. Putting this both oils to test and know how fast they or if they work at all for me.
The area I'm going to be testing out are my edges as they suffered from the hair cut I had done 2009/2010 and my edges are on a slow growth rate and what beta time that to try this out.

This is how its going to work, for 1 full month I'm going to be testing with the Cold Pressed Castor Oil  and in the 2'nd Month I would be testing the Jamaican Black Castor Oil.
Every week I would make a post about it and I will carry this on till the month is over and at the end of that 1 month I would make a YouTube video with Images and Commentaries.

This challenge/experiment is starting on the 26/01/2013 all it involves is massaging warm castor oil onto the edges/temple area. 
 In a week time a post will be up with a before and after of one week usage.

I do hope that you all join me in this challenge for us to be able to compare hair growth and make the whole process fun really.
Do leave comments below if you would be joining this challenge.

Here is a video explain how and why I'm doing this challenge

Happy Reading and Watching!!!