Sunday, February 3, 2013

One Week Post

Hi guyssss,
I'm here with the first week post on my Castor Oil challenge.

If you miss the post of what I'm talking about here is a link( and also this is the link to the types of Castor Oil I'm using here is another link(

Week one all what I have tried and done is massage my temple area and where I really want to fill up
with the cold pressed Castor Oil.

I would admit there are sometimes I have have forgotten bout it until late afternoon or evening. lol

But I still get my two rub ins every day because I am a night owl, so basically I apply when I remember and the second one whatever tome I go to bed..

So weird I know

I'm not sure but I think I'm seeing some changes BUT it's only ONE week!!
1 Week 02/02/2013
Day 1 26/01/2013

I'll let you guys be the judge and tell me if its just my eye.

Here is a picture of of me before the Castor Oil challenge