Monday, October 24, 2011

Hi guys !!! You Tube

Hi guysssss

I just recorded my first you tube video with my sis
and its crazy like omg hehe
I have been think about YouTube for a while
and today i took the bull by its horns today and made a step
Hope you guys enjoy it


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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October issue:::: Zen Maagazine

Elegant, alluring and exciting are just a few words we would use to introduce the model on our October issue. Joy Ikedinma is a 22 year old Nigerian model based in America – known to her friends as Pretty Joy; she is addicted to everything Fashion & Modelling. Joy enjoys doing fashion shows the same way some people love their veggies and was recently hired to be a Spokes model for a Virgin Hair company in New York. With definitely the world at her finger tips and goals such as been the next miss global Nigeria 2012, Joy can only get better and mature to become a true African Diva. Also in this issue, we got photo exclusives from the Everybody Loves Iceprince (ELI) album launch in Lagos, we focus on Swahili Fashion Week as they debut their showcase in Arusha, Fashion exclusives with the amazing Kachi Designs, Azzaro & iamISIGO, and many more interesting things.

Photos by: - Aj Jawa Photography
Make Up Artist: - Michelle Bornapete
Hair Stylist: - Lorenzo Chew
Designer: - Elaine J. Dreyer Collection

Zen Magazine

Dudes and Dudetts!!! 
I have something amazing for you guys to look forward to every month :)
Well its going to be a monthly cover of a friends  magazine 
which is know as Zen Magazine. Which lets you know the what's in and out , juicy stories, music and so much more..

Company Overview?

  • Zen Magazine is an urban culture entertainment and arts magazine that caters for everything art, music & culture in Africa. Each issue of the magazine will include a professionally produced DVD that will consist of music videos from artists, art exhibitions & live interviews of a few of our illustrious celebrities. Our issue will showcase African creativity and diversity across the World. 
 What the word 'Zen' means?

  • The word Zen represent being in a state of calm meditation, and just like the word it would relax you trust .

U ask what is their mission?

  • The brand "Zen" is hoping to showcase some of the most gifted models, music artists, actors & actresses alike, distinguished executives in both the public & private sectors, fashion designers showcasing their exquisite designs, tourist locations both locally & oversea, lifestyle & health tips from experts, sports updates, art work & our cultural differences and the photographers who make it happen behind the scenes. We are going to be exposing all kinds of creative talents, giving spotlight to Africa’s finest all over the world. That's our Goal!

    Well i hope that covers all..
    I would encourage every one to go and  support by buying a copy>>> thanks 

If you would like to get in contact with any one on the team you can go 
with any one of the links below.

Arinze Nwokolo (Zen)
CEO/ Editor
Zen Magazine Africa
BB: 22483A88

Friday, October 7, 2011

Collective Haul(and my crazy obsession)

This is the long awaited collective haul which was meant to be up yesterday, any-ways its here atlas

At the moment I have a crazy obsession box bags and its going crazy my collection has be increasing up and I got all the box purses in this pics from primak and the are fab like I cant just resisting get any cuute ones I c and love....

My Name Ola and I am a boxbagaholic ....;LOL

this is one of my fav
i love how they paired the blue and the brown
this is one of the items you purchase without knowing
how to use 


This purse has this classical look that calls to me
and I got this bucket shaped bag but it does look
 like a heart  with all its ventricles and all

And dis r some of the shoes I got....

I love this brogues
the tweedish material and the brown leather it perfect for autumn
in my opinion  

I so much love this heels I got them at primak last week and ermm wasn't so sure about them  mum was like it cute
when I tried them on I loved them instantly
they r so comfy
I got the second colour

Are they not cute

I got this chunky heeled shoe in primark as week I love it


I love this much
I can imagine how I'm going to pair them off already
got this from (M&S)

I love this peep toe platforms
the suede material and the make shift bow in the front
apart from that it is super comfys as well
Tip: never buy shoes if they not comfortable for you
lets just say I learned ma lesson

I got this purple loafers from primark they are very cute
and it goes with the colours of this fall
and i love the blue peep toe sandals
I know it almost winter I'm going to be paring them of with tights 

I'm so in love with this....Why?
I got it for a bargain and it also has good specifications
I'm yet to use it when I do will mention it 
When i was looking to get a curling wand I was looking for a wand that has a smaller
 barrel for small curls
but the i got wand gives you big voluptuous curls
so yea I got dis one its OK I guess

countdown video for pep who are outside the us like moi

guys this is the link to watch the Countdown video of Ms Knowles check it out its a banging video

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

One more tin


I am thinking of starting a YouTube channel but nt sure yet
but will keep u posted on that.......... :)
I am trying to purchase a camera stand for Just In case situations lol
You would have noticed i mentioned it on twitter
and if nt this is my twitter handle @oluwatosin2 FF and i FF back
ok im off again *Ithink*


Hi Guys..........*waves*

I am going to do a post on my mini haul which i did today (the things I got are fab nd i wav dem ..heheh)
but I am yet to take the pics
today was stressful...
but tomorrow I promise it would be up...
Hope you guys had a good day today?

Ok till d next post :)

Toodles !!!

KilonSparkles?: New Video: Flavour N'abania - Adamma

KilonSparkles?: New Video: Flavour N'abania - Adamma: Flavour has kept the videos coming this year as he's already released 2 or 3 for some of his other hits. His latest video is for one of th...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Asa’s “Bibanke”: A Narrative Lyrical Analysis

By Gbenga Awomodu

Bibanke, a track from Asa‘s first album, is a dirge for love lost. It is a cliche tale of the natural death that love experiences when one of the two parties in a relationship senses danger signals early on in a relationship, but continues to fall deeper into the abyss, until they suddenly hit rock bottom. Sorrow is inevitable as the obsession grips the narrator from verse one:
I wake up I see you as you leave
I feel it, I see it as you leave
When we kiss I want deep, but you’re far away

Bi (m) ba n ke, b’omi ban san [When I'm crying, if it becomes a flood]
Fi mi si le [Leave me alone]
Bi (m) ba n ke, bo jo ba ro [When I'm crying, if it rains]
Fi mi si le [Leave me alone]

It starts all too sweet and perfect to imagine. Her description of the genesis reveals the trappings of new-found love and perhaps ‘love-at-first’ sight. the butterflies have a ball, but not for too long. Nevertheless, this lover has found strength for careful introspection and tells herself the blunt truth: it was foolhardy of her to have fallen in love with her heart first, and not her head. She reveals more in brilliant poetry:
He used to be my everything
Treated me like I was a queen
What spell did he cast on me?
Or is it a make believe?

You say girl never be afraid
Of ever, ever, loving me
Those words I hung on too
Oh God I was a fool
You became my bad habit
Keeping up appearances, so you could notice
Even when you suddenly picked your things
And left the keys, that’s crazy

As is traditional of Asa, this is another tale well delivered with piano and strings accompaniment, and beautiful percussion which drives the rather playful tone and easygoing tempo.
Bi (m) ba n ke oh oh oh oh [When I'm crying...]
K’o kun basia, fi mi si le ye[even if it fills the basin, leave me alone, please]
Bi (m) ba n ke oh oh oh oh [When I'm crying...]
K’o kun basia, k’okun basia [If it fills the basin, even if it fills the basin]

Mo ti f’oro mi fo lu wa [I have surrendered my issues to God]
K’o so, k’o so wa [May He guard us, may He guard us]
Mo ti s’oro mi fo lu wa [I have told my issues to God]
K’o so, k’o so wa [May He guard us, may He guard us]
Iwo, iwo nikan soso [You, you alone] (Repeat till fade)
She ends the song ad libitum, piano hammers chasing the strings and drums into the quiet distance.
When I’m crying, when I’m dying, just leave me alone
I could you cry a river, or a waterfall
Just leave me alone, leave me alone
Moti f’oro mi f’oluwa… [I have surrendered my issues to God...]

Photo credit: Thierry Huet, Paris __________________________________________________________________________________________________
Gbenga Awomodu is an Editorial Assistant at Bainstone Ltd./ When he is not reading or writing, Gbenga is listening to good music or playing the piano. He believes in the inspirational power of words and pictures, which he explores in helping to make the world a better place. He blogs at Gbenga’s Notebook (


When you hear Eli think of "Ice Prince"

Ice prince set to celebrate the launch of his début album..:) If you ask me I would tell you its about time
he left us starving with little snippets of it :ie Oleku ft Brymo and Superstar now that's just two,,,lol

I cant wait to listen to the rest of the album>>>>

If any of you are reading this and want to attend the Eli launch party

its going to be happening THIS Sunday, The 9th of OCT 2011 at the EKO Hotel

Lagos(Authentic Igbo accent) lol

Don't miss out!!!

as for me I would be waiting for the event pics on-line *Sad I know*

either through Bella Naija or from my fellow blogger
and so many more....:)

Monday, October 3, 2011

OOTD/ 03/10/2011

This is my out fit of the day!!!
today's weather was beautiful 
and we in October {weird}
anywho I decided to soak in
and take advantage of it by dressing very............
Dnt knw a word to classify
But u know what I love it
the main theme was brown 
and white to make it look sophisticated 
And a multi scarf to finish it off 
Lets not for get about jewellery
I used some vintage pieces to couple it off..

ps:(outfit from primarks)

I love this dress it gives u the filling u
were back in the 60's
girls going to school holding their notes
that's how I in co-operated my own take of it 

Love this bag...
I had lots of book in it and while
trying to force it to close
I broke the clasp
(first time me taking it out)
have to get it fixed

 the owl long chain and rings i got at a flea market in Dublin(around somewhere cant remember)
and the ear-ring I got at forever 21
luvvvvv them



I like dis
Nw this i love
Twas quite windy
the scarf I got from M&S

I was about to be blown away
(See my facial expression)

And last but nt the least
my cute bro xxxx

Hope u guys had a wonderful Monday today
I know I did...
Till the next post