Friday, January 25, 2013

Collective Haul

Hi peps today I come to you guys with a Collective haul which I have mange to gather over the December
period and The January sales.
This are the names of the the following shops and haul would be categorised under their shops.
Hope you guys enjoy this..And don't for get to Leave your comments Below

River Island
I love this heel as it was purchased by mum




Boots were having a 3 for the Price of two and I purchased this Rimmel Lipstick
No 107 Kate Matte Lipstick
No1 Kate Original
Rimmel 500 in Diva Red


 Sleek Sahara blush was purchased on Beauty Emporium
I love this blush because its an every day blusher for me.
While Permanganate was purchased on Cloud10Beauty

This is the Sigma F35 Tapered Highlighting brush


"Zara" look alike bag

I never had hope
I would get this belt in the post
ordered this since late Oct
and it arrived 2 days ago

I love this boots soo much that when I saw it I was so delighted that the next boot mum showed me below repulsed me.haha imagine
But one thing is that this boot hurt my feet like heel

My first word when I saw this boot was stumpy
mum picked it from afar it look so huge maybe it was because i saw the first boot which I picked I reli don't know
but one thing I know is that MUM IS ALWAYS RIGHT


When the belt I order did not arrive I went into Penney/Primark
and go this
If I new the sold this I wouldn't have bothered with ebay

Hope You Guys enjoyed my haul

Here is the video if you would like to watch

Happy Dayz...