Monday, January 14, 2013


Awe ibo lo lo ta 
Ta fin wa o ta
Ibi o balo ja mo
aunty ton gbe ile ito si
Mo wo e wa le yin
Lati ojo meta da bo
Owi pe oo
O loun fun oo
Oun osu meji
O loun fun oo
Ani wipe oo
O loun fun oo
(Asa - AWE)
Yoruba is such a beautiful and historical language you can just listen to a song in this dialect and you would be able to put it down on a page as I have done here. It is  so easy, flexible and almost easy to learn. I would know this, because for an English and Hausa speaking girl like myself who was able learn Yoruba through movies(the wrong way to I say this because Yoruba is my native dialect but I wasn’t born in the Southern part of Nigeria but was born and breed in the Northern Part so huge cultural change but I was willing to learn. So may be that added to the fact that was why + much wanted us (Me and Bro) to be able to understand and converse in it fluently for a kid at the age of 11 to take on a new language heheh it got fun.
As the saying goes
If you want to learn a language you have to start with the curse words first.
(Same thing goes for the new language I’m learning now French )
And it’s fun that way