Friday, December 30, 2011

Seasonal greetings


Hey ya'll just sending some warm seasonal greetings from the Ola blog and from me.
I hope you guys had a great Christmas with your loved ones, I sure did and im happy and grateful im surrounded by the love and warmth of my family .

As we go into the new year of 2012 I wish u all a prosperous New Year from me to you all...

Great things install for the Ola blog in the New Year
keep a look out for that as well
and dont be a stranger to my youtube channel
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check it out :)

Have a great New Year


Obi Gold


Obinna Rowland is a sensational Young talented Nigerian upcoming RnB artiste better known Obi-Gold, who came from lmo State Umuokanne Ohij Local Government and was born on the 21st November 1987 by Mr & Mrs Rowland Ugo. He Attended Holy Ghost College at Owerri and he happened to be the 2nd child out of the eight Children of his parents. Obi told us during an interview: ”Music has been in me from kid; then i decided to come down to lagos to achieve my dreams, but my big purpose is to make a change in the music industry; write songs that will touch souls. I have a track titled Baby Don Go it’s a track to watch out for ~ Obi Included.
Nowadays we have different artistes with different styles but Obi-Gold has chooses to entertain people around him with his own style of singing, he sings with mix of languages including: English, Nigerian Pidgin and his native Language which is Igbo Language.
Obi has couple of tracks which haven’t get airplay yet but he’s working on getting everything done as soon as possible.
Some of his tracks are officially released online on the 29th of November 2011.
Here is a link where u can download his two single
Watch out for this talented young artiste because he’s going to move Nigerian Music Industry to the next level with his sweet voice and beautiful songs.
For booking contact his online promotional team
Email: IpromoteByDempo@Musician.Org
Contact: +2348191942906
Follow Us on Twitter : @IpromoteByDempo

Friday, December 23, 2011

Monday, December 5, 2011

Just Norah......

Hello World!!!

I'm here with another Piece. (which is my second piece on this blog.. the unknown is the first check it out)
This Piece is a true story and not a fiction. 
It was written by a close friend of mine,
I have not edited this piece this is how "He" wrote it
and how I'm posing it. It is pure as the "extra virgin oil" you see any where(LoL)
I hope you enjoy reading it and the song.
We hope to receive feedback form every reader, it would be appreciated, and to know
 everyone's views and opinions and if they have ever been in a situation like this.

There's this girl
Her name's Norah
I'm sort of interested in her
I got her contact details
So I could text her..

We started talking', got a bit closer yet further...
She's bi sexual, she's got a partner..
Yet she finds me attractive, She opposes it..

She's so good at making me seem non-existent..
I try to imitate her, but I can't endure it
Not sure how I'm feeling'
I gotta put up with this girl for an academic year

I met her partner, we had a conversation...
She's with a girl and not with me…
I've been single for too long…
I don't have to search so far, Norah's around, but it's complicated...

At 21, I can't account for a decent girl in my life... Yet.
Why am I such a sucker for girls?
My lady friend said I'm only being "human".
I've got exams to worry about, but Norah's occupied my mind

Apparently she's good without me.. But is it all true?
Sought for advice, and I was told to "back off" since she ain't single... I should, but I don't want to... "Why not have us both?" I thought to myself...

I wish I never met her... I'd be better off if I hadn't...

I hate that I fall for her type... I want her in my life...
Because my love's being' faded...

Tick tock time's going' by too..
If I can't do it now, I'd be lucky to do it tomorrow...

Hope you enjoyed reading this 



Sunday, December 4, 2011

Positivity about Nigeria

When every body hears about Nigeria all that pops into every ones head including mine is the negativity.
We do not take out the time to think about positives things about it
which is sad. Nigeria is full with culture, fashion , cuisine , and so many more its just the bad government and people from less privilege back ground trying to survive (by doing the unthinkable) give it a bad reputation.
Nigeria is our fathers land and i still love it there. I must admit that there are times you hate it, and one is not proud to represent but U ARE WHO U ARE AND WHERE U COME FROM!!!! Embrace it <3
Here a video of Nigeria back in the days very beautiful and with Fela Kuti playing and the past imageries
this makes me proud makes me remember things that i ate and enjoyed :)
And Nigeria has and always will have its own edge.....we are not quitters :D
 For more info about that years Miss Nigeria go onto Linda Ikeji's blog(link below)
so sad to see a woman of beauty in such a state

"The government should get a major life and fix up our country and stop stealing from the country and stop focusing on the gay people and live them alone(They are not God)...BIZZY BODIES.....MSCHEWWWWWWWW.......



Jams im into at the moment wit...... Zara