Wednesday, November 23, 2011

As you all saw in my last post i made banoffee pie.
I did not take to it dat much but my bros do (well dey r no offence to ny guy reading dis :D)
Don;t like bananas in my pie i notice(im yet to try banana bread tho)
So yes i made a kiwi pie in the early hours of this morning, I also made some changes to this version in the first version i didn't put sugar in the cream but i did in this one to make the cream have some taste to it, it made a huge amount of difference it was yumm i was licking the spoon all tru... x_x(i changed the spoon too each time :D... hygiene matters)
Reli simple to make and to add on some extra calories so.....ermmmm yea (exercise necessary to burn the calories off but its worth

layering kiwi on top of the caramel
which is layered on the biscuit


* A pack of digestive biscuit
* A can of condensed milk
* A  a tray of kiwi (the one u get in the supermarket or fruit market)
* Butter (one stick 125g melted)
* 2 cups of elmlea double cream
* Hand full of sugar (if u have caster sugar its fine i didnt so made it fine by using a food processor)


* boil condensed milk for over 2hrs for it to turn in to caramel (let cool)
*Crush biscuit
*whisk cream to a soft peak
*process sugar
*melt butter
*add almost the whole pack of biscuit leaving behind some and melted butter
*pour biscuit crumbs i baking tin and spread to and even layer nd let harden
 *when cooled spread onto the chilled layer of biscuit evenly
*layer kiwi
*spread whipped cream on top
*and let is set over night (if your making it like i did....but u always have to let it set weather made day or night :))
*wrap in cling film

pie is cling filmed 

complete cover 

spread the cream on


full coverage 


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Its all about "sugar calorific" bonoffe Pie

ook so i made banoffe pie last night and left it to set for 6hours and here are the pics
enjoy the pics while i enjoy the pie...haha

ok your invited to join me :D

I didnt eat that big slice ooo
i shared it wit ma sis :D

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Back Bone....

A year has been added to the very strong back bone of my family.
My mother the woman who natured me from the day I was conceived and till this day and still is going strong.
She is one in a million, the one I wouldn't trade for money (okay may be when she is being joking.)

She has always put me and my siblings in the right direction weather or not we like it, she brought me to Christ and I will never go back(if go back sef the slap that awaits me I cant even contemplate it....hehe).

I will always compare her to a lioness who protects her cub's, because that what she has always done and I am  part of her cub and I'm proud to call her my Sweet Sweet Fierce Mother.
                 Iya Mi, Mama Olayemi and others (LOL)
                       Yours truly Ola of the "Ola" Blog
*My adapted Oriki, which i made for my Mum*

So glad to have you in my life (rather I'm glad to have you in my life)
I hope to be half as great as you ...

                                                           Happy Birthday
                                                                    Love you Lots

Friday, November 11, 2011

Versace for H&M

Loving the detials on this hot pink dress
and the gold buttons and gold jewellery  

I love this
this candy hot pink heels look divine
like im in shoe heaven surrounded by gold

                                                                            accessories are  looking great

loving this dress as well
love this the look like they are goths power couple
or in the matrix :D

loving this  aswell


OK guys am excited for the launch of Versace for H&M in New York. As you all noticed all this garments are looking super bad hope you guys check it out,and the mens collection isnt half as bad. If any one is in Ireland its already on-line and inn shops(H&M).....(I do wonder occasionally what happened to jimmy choo for h&m....hope this last and the prices are OK)

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Some body call me name!!!!

Omigoshhh!!!!!! do you guys remember "Daddy Showkey"?

Well today our paths crossed again after many years one of his songs popped into my head
 and i couldn't remember the artist and I asked my sis and she said "Daddyy Showkey" at first it didn't make a big difference, in the sense that it was only one song I was searching for(still cant find the song may be its nOt by "DS" after all )  and then i came across guess...
Yes YOur right
"Somebody Calling My Name Showkey" i mean to me i this Man was one of the big artists b4 the likes of 2baba(African Queen) even tho the started getting know at almos the same time
because the song was so catchy i would reckon every one would know it
and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And an extra addition the 2nd song i was looking for was "Danfo Driver" by Mad Melons
But reli "Mad Melons"...................(I also had to goggle to find the artist for danfo driver)

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Hi guys its been a while since i did a post. I have been so busy getting some stuff done I just didn't have time to update my blog ( I feel soooooooooo bad about it)

On Thursday I and my sis Olu who you might have seen in the youtube video if not here is a link(
We went to the launch of the new Htc Sensation Xe on Grafton St
its was fun cuz it has been a while i had been out so I enjoyed dressing up for it
we didn't even stay long it was quite.... ermm dry if you ask me but the staffs were nice
and the Non-alcoholic cocktail we got was far to sweet like its late don't need a sugar rush "excuse me jezz"


I dnt know y i was closing my eyes der

Ny whoo here was the out fit I and Olu wore...... Guys I'm so proud of my self i wore my hair naturally out for the first  time after 7months and it felt great

Oh yeaaa we got goodie bags
in my bag the was a body shop lip balm which smells delish, also got a htc not pad, a cadbury chocolate which i gobbled down and yea a concert ticket to some some artist i dnt even knw im debating where or nt to go.....

I also noticed my brother's are bad photographers
I MUST  Discipline them in the art of photography

Monthly Cover(November) of Zen Magazine!!!

Every month at Zen, we try to set new records, bring you something different, create new opportunities and break new boundaries. Throughout the months, we have seen the most beautiful and exotic models across Africa, America &The Caribbean been featured on our covers. Well, this month is totally different because we bring you the first pure British model to grace our cover –:


Debrina 'Breeny Lee' Francis is a 20 year old British model that was born in Essex in the United Kingdom. Breeny Lee as she is fondly called by her modelling colleagues has set her sight on been one of Britain's top models. She is very passionate about Fashion, loves modelling and is excited about her rising career in the industry. We have so many tantalizing stories in this issue from our exclusive interview with South African Fashion Designer Gert - Johan Coetze, to all the exclusives, winners & performers from the 2011 Channel O Awards. We also have photos from Nigerian & Swahili Fashion week respectively.

Make Up Artist --> Giselle
Photograph by Michael Adeyeye

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Twitter: @zenmagafrica