Tuesday, February 19, 2013

'FloGlo' Mini Inter-view

Hey Y'all!!!

 I'm here with a quick quick interview with the lovely Miss Fola the brains behind the 'FloGlo' brand. 
 I'm so in-love with the items I got..<3 

OAO: To begin with, Can you tell us your Name an a little sometin sometin about your self and what you do.

My name is Folawewo, I'm 21 years old and I've recently launched an accessory line called FloGlo Stylez.

OAO: You started your company at the beginning of the year 2013

It was launched January 6th 2013 but I've actually been working on it since 2010 whilst I was at university.

OAO:  Can you tell us how you came about the name 'FloGlo Styles'?

 The foundation of the FloGlo name is a scripture in the bible ‘You are the light of the world'...-Matthew 6:14. The 'Flo' part is my name and 'Glo' meaning glow comes from the verse. The aim of Floglo is to put this to practice through fashion and essentially accessories.

OAO: What do you sell and where do you get your Inspiration from?

FOLA: The kinds of pieces you can expect to see are very unique and contemporary, most of the items we have are twists and variations on the latest trends. Expect pieces that are bold and daring for that woman that wants to make a statement but also simple but still beautiful pieces for the woman that likes to keep it simple but elegant. As all of our products are handmade you can't be sure of what to expect, but our number one aim is to have designs that are engulfed in vibrant fabric to help you 'unleash your brighter side'.

OAO: I noticed on your website that the Items for sale had names attached to them,Why is

I wanted the name of the products to have a deeper meaning one that speaks of blessings and positivity. Each name is taken from a different tribe in Nigeria. As the product list grows so will the name selection to names from different countries in Africa.

OAO: What is your business motto ?

FOLA:  'Unleash your brighter side'...

Hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did 
It was a pleasure to interviewing the lovely Miss Fola 

You can find her in the links below

Website: www.floglostylez.com
Twitter: @Follyhoney

Here is a video of my purchase from FloGlo 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine OOTN

Hi guys I bring to you a video which I styled.
It is something I would definitely wear for a Valentine's date
Hope you all enjoy.
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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Youtube Meetup

Better Late than never...

On the 6/02/2013 was the YouTube meet up with some of the girlie's here in Ireland. I had so much fun even though not every one was able to come.. there's always a next time..:)
The day curriculum was filled with shopping taking pics and vlogging so ill let the pics do the talking..

Here is La'Perfect Learner

Youtube channel MsJenyIB

Yours truly
 Here are out Mug shoots..:D

Us three together 
 We later went to Wagamama for a late lunch

Tayo(La'Perfect Learner) and Jenny(MsJenyIB) had the Firecracker Chicken

 I had the Yaki Soba
which was delicious but in my opinion the pickled
ginger wad too overpowering

Now I must say dessert was by far my fave I and Tayo had the mini selection sooooo guddd..:d

Jenny got the coconut ice cream

I had a whole lot of fun wit this ladies. 
Here are the vlog videos  Happy Watching


Friday, February 8, 2013

Perm Rods

 My first trial with perm rods and i must say i love them the gave me a different look.
All the products i used are Water+Aloe Vera Juice and Organics Smooth ~N~ Hold Pudding.
This was done on a six day old stretch out .
I must say i love this look and will be revisiting it again.
Here are collage pictures step by step.

And for my video lovers her is a video for you..

Happy Reading

Sunday, February 3, 2013

One Week Post

Hi guyssss,
I'm here with the first week post on my Castor Oil challenge.

If you miss the post of what I'm talking about here is a link(http://tinyurl.com/asembh5) and also this is the link to the types of Castor Oil I'm using here is another link(http://tinyurl.com/b79jw7m).

Week one all what I have tried and done is massage my temple area and where I really want to fill up
with the cold pressed Castor Oil.

I would admit there are sometimes I have have forgotten bout it until late afternoon or evening. lol

But I still get my two rub ins every day because I am a night owl, so basically I apply when I remember and the second one whatever tome I go to bed..

So weird I know

I'm not sure but I think I'm seeing some changes BUT it's only ONE week!!
1 Week 02/02/2013
Day 1 26/01/2013

I'll let you guys be the judge and tell me if its just my eye.

Here is a picture of of me before the Castor Oil challenge