Sunday, June 30, 2013



Hi guys. I'm here with a swap haul which I did with a lovely youtber. Her channel name is (Freedomprinsimy) feel free to check her out.
I wanted to try out some KIKO products(again I have major issues with companies that not deliver to Ireland I'll leave this rant for another post.) but they do not ship to Ireland which was fine on this occasion as it gave me the opportunity to reach out and do a swap with her. I had great fun doing this swap and I absolutely love all the products which I received. 
These are the pictures and swatches of the beauty products which I received.

I love this two colours from Kiko and L.A. Colours they are my 'IT'
Colour at the moment 

List of products:
1) Kiko Natural Concealer 05
2)Kiko Smart Lipstick 906
3) Kiko Smart Lipstick 923
4)Kiko Smart Lipstick 904
5)Kiko Smart Lip pencil 704
6)Kiko Smart Lip pencil 700 
7)Kiko Smart Eye pencil 812
8Kiko Ultimate Pen Long Wear Eyeliner
9)Kiko Ultra Tech Mascara 

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sleek I-Candy Limited Collection

Dia Dhuit,

I'm in love with sleek at the moment they are just coming out with eye-catching colours for the Spring/Summer.The just came out with a their limited I-Candy collection. 

This is my first limited collection ever from sleek and I love it. I purchased the eye shadow pallet and the LOL Lip Pout, I now regret not getting the 3in1 blush pallet(might end up going back to get it) with my first purchase because the prices I purchased this are now increased I purchased the eye-shadow pallet for €6.99 which has now increased to 9.99  and the LOL Lip Pout for 4.99 and that has increased also..Oh well

Swatches below are of the eye-shadow and of the Lip pout

Have you guys gotten your hands on any of these products or your hoping to
Would love to hear your opinions.

OOO if your wondering "Dia Dhuit" mean it means hello! in Irish

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

WhatBologgersDidNext Meet Up


I had the opportunity to grace the #Whatbloggersdidnext meet up organised by the lovely blogger Katie. I've been following her blog for some time now,she is always updated with her post and blog so this was a great opportunity to meet her and speak to her. I also meet some of the bloggers I follow so it was a refreshing meet and greet, also my first blogger meet up here in Ireland so this was a big deal.
Such a great job with the organising of the event which was held at Hard Rock Cafe in Temple bar, after getting acquainted with each other(mind you I was 1hr Fashionably late but it surely wasnt one of my proudest moment.) We head over to Inglot where we had a demo just for all of us which was a blast.
 Back to Hard Rock's for lunch by the every one was starving we were just ready to dig in..hehhe
All in all I had a great time and it was lovely meeting all the girls and I truly cant wait for the next time we all get together again. 
I and the lovely Katie
 I wanted to get a few stuff but they(Jervis) didn't have it there so on my way home I went to the inglot stall near me(Liffey Valley) and got these shadows they are absolutely fabulous can't wait to start using them.

Ps: We go a whole lot of goodies from Inglot and from NewYorkColours

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