Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bright's & Floral's

This is an outfit I & mum worked on. 
Ok majority of it was mum what can I say, she loves to dress me up..If it makes her happy and I'm all about that..
This is a mixture of Bright Colours and Floral 
Hope you like this


Here is a video

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Naija Tag

What is Your Nigerian Name? –

Olayemi Opeseyitan

Do You Have Any Nicknames? –


Were You Born in Nigeria? –


What Part of Nigeria You From? –

Osun State

What Tribe Are You? –


Favourite Nigerian Food –

My Efo Riro with Eba or Pounded Yam(I’m bout that life)

Favourite Nigerian Movie –

Mr & Mrs(Naija Version)

Say Something in Your Language –

Eka ro (Good Morning)

Last Time You Visited Nigeria - 2009

What Do You Like Most About Nigeria? –

The Food and the different cultural aspect of it!!!

What Do You Hate About Nigeria?

The Government (but wait who doesn't?)

Do You Speak Pidgin English?

I sabi speak Pidgin well well, I learn am for all this Naija movies

What Around You House Represents Your Culture? –

The food and well of cause my MUM!!!

What Makes You Different From Other Nigerians?

Well first we be the same people, but I like to surround myself with positivity and open minded people and not the bigots minded.

Most Ridiculous Questions Asked About Nigeria?

Well if I lived in the osun grove (Pic below)