Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Strap Sandal Wish List

 Hi guys I made a wish list of strap sandals I have my eyes on

1)Charlotte Olympia  Spider Web’ Suede Pumps
2)Zara Leather Sandal
3)Zara High Heel Vamp Shoe
4)Giuseppe Zanotti Black Suede Sandals with Metallic Heels
5)Zara TRF Fabric Wedge Ankle Boot
6)Zara Studded Sandals
7)Forever21 Strapped Sandals
8)Zara Black and White Combination Heels
9)Asos Strap Sandles(It seems be be out of stock)
10)Manolo Blahnki Chaos
11) Valentino Gravani Rockstud python ballerina

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Collage


Hi guys.

This week's collage is all food..x_x
I have been on a cooking level like I cant stop
so here are pics of majority I prepared

1) I made some yum garlic bread
2) I made some lasagne 
3) Some home made popped sugar popcorn
4)Now this is my fave of them all Efo Ririo (Vegetable Soup)
5)Home made Iced Tea

Happy Sunday guys



Thursday, March 14, 2013

Move over Blogger for Bloglovin

Google announced its upcoming retirement of Google Reader on July 1 and perhaps that means GFC also.

So as to not miss any of my post you can follow me on bloglovin as its blogger friendly and you wouldn't be miss any of my post

Real Husbands of Hollywood

Guten Tag!

Today is an interesting post. Its about the show the 'REAL HUSBANDS OF HOLLYWOOD'

I started watching this series last nigh and now I can finally say I am up to date with all the episodes..

And let me say this they are some fine ass BROTHERS...WINK WINK if you know what i mean..LOL

So Hollywood Husband caught my eye. Boris Kodjoe

I've always seen this brother around in shows and always loved his look. I mean common Tall, Handsome, Sexy and AFRICAN.

Yes I said African and I don't mean African American(NO OFFENCE I LOVE Y'ALL) I mean AFRICAN.

From my little snooping around(OK FINE NOT LITTLE--YOU CAN BLAME A SISTER).
I found out he is not only African but he has his roots in tact he know where he is from GHANA

Yep Ghana so my Ghanaian people you have some fine as brothers I will admit.

Boris Kodjoe is Ghanaian-German(GG)

Thanks to our Uncle Wikipedia I got all this Info 

Ok now my Brothers and Sisters before we all start jumping and scheming on how to get him there is a bad news
HE IS MARRIED.....No go area 
So yea...

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March Wish List


1)Kate Moss Spring Collection colour #20 and #22.
2)MAC Limited edition Strong Woman
3)MAC Limited edition of the Archie's Girls Veronica: Ronnie Red
4)Nikon 50mm f/1.8G lens
5)Mac Limited edition of the Archie'S Girls Veronica: Daddy's Little Girl

My March wish list...

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Empowering Women



Have you ever heard of empowering women through what they love... Fashion and Designing
Well here is an even happening in Dublin doing just that here is a link http://tinyurl.com/bzlv5xh  to give you more information about it..

Happy Reading..

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Picture Collage

1) Jewellery I used to record my Lace Front blog post & video(http://tinyurl.com/d3ysemm)
2)Magazine Glamour & Marie Claire 
3) Jewellery  for my mother's day outfit
4) End of the day foundation (Review)
5)Nails of the weekend
6)Mini make up haul post (http://tinyurl.com/d7685t3)
7)My magazine collection from the start of this year
8) A swap I did with a Youtuber and received in the post
9) Baked cupcake for my 100th Post(http://tinyurl.com/cg9vxel)
10) Items I got from the market (http://tinyurl.com/bb8ctgg)

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Saturday, March 9, 2013



How you all today?

I bring to you all a post on my new favourite hubby which is going to market and looking for bargain items. To me its just like going thrifting but only cheaper as you get the opportunity to bargain more to a price. This day last-week I went to the market behind Tallaght football stadium and I must say that market has a variety of things being sold there.

The things I purchased I managed to purchase was a lamp and jewlleries.

I'm so in-love with this lamp the shape the size and the colour its just stunning. I got this for a measly 3euro thanks to mum she made this bargain i was about to pay a fiver and mum was like try and beat it down and bam It's mine. That's the best thing about markets you can tender an obscene amount of money and its either the accept or deny your offer.

The one thing about electronics are you baying a blind object without knowing to trust their words for it. The wire to this lamp is a bit touchy it looses connection and I would have to giggle the cable to get the light back on

I also got some fab jewels on a bargain of 3 for 5euro .

Have you gone to a market before have you find any good memorable bargains?

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100th Post

Woop Woop

My 100th post.
*Clears throat*
Speech time..

I want to thank each and every on of you for the love you have showed my blog and myself since day one the days of The Unknown (http://tinyurl.com/the-unkown) which was my the first post.
I still go over to that post and reminisce on it and think over the situation I was in and where I am at present.

With this blog I hope for it to keep on growing and to have constant communication with my readers because without readers like you guys where is Ola?...

Thanks so much for your support and contributions




Friday, March 8, 2013

First of all Introduction

Nǐ Hǎo!

I bring to you all a new and fresh idea for my blog 
which is going to be posted up every Sunday.
It is basically the posting of significant images of my day to day
all put together in a week of Pictures.

Super excited!!!

Happy Reading 



Thursday, March 7, 2013

New Hair


I'm here today wit a hair post.
In the past weeks I have been in a stage with my natural hair where I can't have any extensions in without wanting to have it out within the next week, and on top of that I dyed my hair in the beginning of the year and it has been breaking like cray so I'm taking my time out to give it some tender TLC.
Onto this hair,this is the Lace Front by Outre in colour S1B/33 called Mystique. 
I just fell in-love straight hook and sinker.
The price is to die for as well I purchased this for 30 Euro and I was also told I could get 2 for 50.
This hair so soft and the curls are just on point and while using a wide tooth come to comb through it 
the curs bounce back as in I'm in love..
Here are the images of the hair and pictures of Moi before and after.

Have you tried this brand of lace wig or are you willing to give it a try.
Let me know in the comment box..

Happy Reading

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mini Beauty Haul

Hi Ya'll I'm here with a mini beauty haul. Its of all the things I accumulated over the past 2 weeks 


This is Rimmel in 01 in the Kate Moss collection I love the 
colour and lustre. 

This Rimmel in Diva Red

Inglot in 408 In my opinion this a is a dupe to the ruby woo
even this is a matte lippy it still has a bit of moister in it than Ruby and the price is fantastic for 13 Euro this is a bargain. 

This is one of the stickiest MUA Lip gloss I have purchased for a price of 2.49
this is a good bargain 

OOOWEE!!! I love this lippy this is Amped by Sleek its another dupe to the MAC
Candy Yum Yum and for a price of 5.99 this is a bargain.

A nude Lip Pencil by essence 

OO love this lippy as well it does what the name says
Vamp by Sleek

Love this Primer the texture and feel of it 2.49

Rimmel Kate Moss 107 Matte Lippy it also smells delish

This is one of the stickies MUA Lip gloss I have purchased for a price of 2.49
this is a good bargain 

Also got the Infamous Ben Nye Powders the work amazing 

This Loose Powder works wonders and for the price BARGAIN!!

Mum purchased this foundation for me im still skeptical
about this (Review coming soon)

This it guys hope you enjoyed my mini haul
If you have tried any of this items let me know what you think and if not
are you likely to?

Happy Reading