Friday, April 27, 2012


Day 6

Today I switched mentors to 'RM' and what I did today was different from my the following day.
Today I was given the task of measuring the whole office space and count all
the sockets and in the office(for the lighting exhibition coming on soon) and do a free
hand drawing and an elevation
(I will put this out there but I'm NO artists the pics might hurt the eyes, it was rough)

and then to draw it on Cad..:)
Well Ill tell you a lil secrete I was bout to start drawing and since
I just downloaded cad on my laptop I'm yet to get the hang of all the keys,
I went down to 'D' and he was like you want to draw that and I said yes and he
was like he has the copy as he was the one that printed it out for me so that
saved me time from drawing the whole plan all over again, but I have the dimension if the plan so i can draw it on my own free time:).
Nywhoo I have to indicate on the floor plan where the sockets are and then have to sit down with
'RM' and allocate spaces for the light designers.
so that what I did for the whole of today..


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