Wednesday, April 25, 2012

19 April -24 April

Day 1- 19/04/2012

Started my work experience today.. First task was to go to the National Museum of Ireland and to have at the shape 
of an idea that I am to work on.
From there I went into work was shown around, 
said hello and introduced to every one after all that I was shown 
to my work space (Yep I got my own table :D).
I and my Mentor talked about what I went to the museum for
and we built an idea of the design and concept he had in mind, enjoyed that session.
So I was left on my own to do ma tang, but guess what for a sec I felt out of my depth.
Why ? 
I just left a place where instructions where give and I'm in a place where you have
work with your own devices, but I soon got the hang of it.
And the best thing of it all I'm surrounded by people who can help me
so I think I'm going to be just fine..

Day 2 - 20/04/2012

End of the week / Second day settling in, not bad. 
Got in and first thing was I went over to my mentor to discuss some ideas
I had to decorate the room as he had a meeting to go to earlier on. 
He was happy overall and we talked some more on ideas 
and how to bring them to reality and if they are going to be workable.
Some few mins later I went over to the architectural side of the building 
as I have a desk waiting for me with auto cad installed and internet and
I meet the guys over in that building (initials 'D' 'G').
For the duration of the day I was doing a whole lot of research regarding the 'Pod'.
So Monday comes cant wait to see what awaits Me...

Day 3 - 23/04/2012


Typical Irish weather was bright and sunny and all of a sudden the showers started 
cold(sleep in weather :D)
Meet a new lady today 'D' and she is going to be showing me the ropes of Sketch up
very cool software. It was pretty ok but I had to wrap me heard around how to use
the keys with the videos as well, so for the whole day I got into that. I couldn't master 
the drawing and was hard for me to get it done which resulted in a migraine...:(.. at a point 
I just had to minimise it and let my head chill.
When I got home I downloaded Sketch Up and auto cad for students(free version). 
I also practised on my 3d drawing till the past one in the am and I got hang of it a bit
and then decided to go to bed there and then :)
That's it for my day today, short and to the point

Day 4 - 24/04/2012 

Today was a bright and sunny day and I dressed up for the occasion 'the Sun'...LOL
I brought my laptop in today since I had downloaded the programs on it, I taught 
to myself 'why not bring it in' I also worked some more on the drawing which 
I had done in the morning. When I taught I had finally mastered the shape of the 'pod' 
free handed and not to scale it was now time to talk to the person in charge of fabrics 
and wall coverings. He came over and asked a series questions and i was like 'OMG'
:| like seriously I felt I was on the spot so I had to go back to the drawing board :(
oh well
That's it for the today...
hope that wasn't to boring