Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Day 5

Today was so not my day :(
First thing to go wrong was my rushing to leave the house and forgetting my jacket
and I was carrying 30*60 sample ceramic tile to take back to
home base as to that was the last day to get my refund back
(and girl gat to get the money back :D and what am I to do with one piece of tile?)
so in the rain I journey to santry so imagine the weight on me it was crazy and the
wind and rain I was miserable for a while and the started talking
and singing to my self even with music playing in my ear
(I found that a little creepy my self), not that there wasn't any home-base
by me there was!! but I was told because they don't sell sample tiles
they can not refund me so I had to journey quite a bit to
where I purchased it.......sigh
Any-who I was freezing by the time I got to work
all I wanted to do was warm up and some green tea.
Was so happy when I granted my own
and I settled down to work and I think I haven't
drank the amount of tea I had today in a long time..
And close to closing time una burke(
check her out...
And my journey continue on in the rain....