Saturday, November 5, 2011


Hi guys its been a while since i did a post. I have been so busy getting some stuff done I just didn't have time to update my blog ( I feel soooooooooo bad about it)

On Thursday I and my sis Olu who you might have seen in the youtube video if not here is a link(
We went to the launch of the new Htc Sensation Xe on Grafton St
its was fun cuz it has been a while i had been out so I enjoyed dressing up for it
we didn't even stay long it was quite.... ermm dry if you ask me but the staffs were nice
and the Non-alcoholic cocktail we got was far to sweet like its late don't need a sugar rush "excuse me jezz"


I dnt know y i was closing my eyes der

Ny whoo here was the out fit I and Olu wore...... Guys I'm so proud of my self i wore my hair naturally out for the first  time after 7months and it felt great

Oh yeaaa we got goodie bags
in my bag the was a body shop lip balm which smells delish, also got a htc not pad, a cadbury chocolate which i gobbled down and yea a concert ticket to some some artist i dnt even knw im debating where or nt to go.....

I also noticed my brother's are bad photographers
I MUST  Discipline them in the art of photography