Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Back Bone....

A year has been added to the very strong back bone of my family.
My mother the woman who natured me from the day I was conceived and till this day and still is going strong.
She is one in a million, the one I wouldn't trade for money (okay may be when she is being joking.)

She has always put me and my siblings in the right direction weather or not we like it, she brought me to Christ and I will never go back(if go back sef the slap that awaits me I cant even contemplate it....hehe).

I will always compare her to a lioness who protects her cub's, because that what she has always done and I am  part of her cub and I'm proud to call her my Sweet Sweet Fierce Mother.
                 Iya Mi, Mama Olayemi and others (LOL)
                       Yours truly Ola of the "Ola" Blog
*My adapted Oriki, which i made for my Mum*

So glad to have you in my life (rather I'm glad to have you in my life)
I hope to be half as great as you ...

                                                           Happy Birthday
                                                                    Love you Lots