Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sleek I-Candy Limited Collection

Dia Dhuit,

I'm in love with sleek at the moment they are just coming out with eye-catching colours for the Spring/Summer.The just came out with a their limited I-Candy collection. 

This is my first limited collection ever from sleek and I love it. I purchased the eye shadow pallet and the LOL Lip Pout, I now regret not getting the 3in1 blush pallet(might end up going back to get it) with my first purchase because the prices I purchased this are now increased I purchased the eye-shadow pallet for €6.99 which has now increased to 9.99  and the LOL Lip Pout for 4.99 and that has increased also..Oh well

Swatches below are of the eye-shadow and of the Lip pout

Have you guys gotten your hands on any of these products or your hoping to
Would love to hear your opinions.

OOO if your wondering "Dia Dhuit" mean it means hello! in Irish

Happy Reading