Thursday, March 14, 2013

Real Husbands of Hollywood

Guten Tag!

Today is an interesting post. Its about the show the 'REAL HUSBANDS OF HOLLYWOOD'

I started watching this series last nigh and now I can finally say I am up to date with all the episodes..

And let me say this they are some fine ass BROTHERS...WINK WINK if you know what i mean..LOL

So Hollywood Husband caught my eye. Boris Kodjoe

I've always seen this brother around in shows and always loved his look. I mean common Tall, Handsome, Sexy and AFRICAN.

Yes I said African and I don't mean African American(NO OFFENCE I LOVE Y'ALL) I mean AFRICAN.

From my little snooping around(OK FINE NOT LITTLE--YOU CAN BLAME A SISTER).
I found out he is not only African but he has his roots in tact he know where he is from GHANA

Yep Ghana so my Ghanaian people you have some fine as brothers I will admit.

Boris Kodjoe is Ghanaian-German(GG)

Thanks to our Uncle Wikipedia I got all this Info 

Ok now my Brothers and Sisters before we all start jumping and scheming on how to get him there is a bad news
HE IS MARRIED.....No go area 
So yea...

Happy Reading