Saturday, March 9, 2013



How you all today?

I bring to you all a post on my new favourite hubby which is going to market and looking for bargain items. To me its just like going thrifting but only cheaper as you get the opportunity to bargain more to a price. This day last-week I went to the market behind Tallaght football stadium and I must say that market has a variety of things being sold there.

The things I purchased I managed to purchase was a lamp and jewlleries.

I'm so in-love with this lamp the shape the size and the colour its just stunning. I got this for a measly 3euro thanks to mum she made this bargain i was about to pay a fiver and mum was like try and beat it down and bam It's mine. That's the best thing about markets you can tender an obscene amount of money and its either the accept or deny your offer.

The one thing about electronics are you baying a blind object without knowing to trust their words for it. The wire to this lamp is a bit touchy it looses connection and I would have to giggle the cable to get the light back on

I also got some fab jewels on a bargain of 3 for 5euro .

Have you gone to a market before have you find any good memorable bargains?

Happy Reading