Saturday, February 9, 2013

Youtube Meetup

Better Late than never...

On the 6/02/2013 was the YouTube meet up with some of the girlie's here in Ireland. I had so much fun even though not every one was able to come.. there's always a next time..:)
The day curriculum was filled with shopping taking pics and vlogging so ill let the pics do the talking..

Here is La'Perfect Learner

Youtube channel MsJenyIB

Yours truly
 Here are out Mug shoots..:D

Us three together 
 We later went to Wagamama for a late lunch

Tayo(La'Perfect Learner) and Jenny(MsJenyIB) had the Firecracker Chicken

 I had the Yaki Soba
which was delicious but in my opinion the pickled
ginger wad too overpowering

Now I must say dessert was by far my fave I and Tayo had the mini selection sooooo guddd..:d

Jenny got the coconut ice cream

I had a whole lot of fun wit this ladies. 
Here are the vlog videos  Happy Watching