Thursday, September 29, 2011

Some products i use for my natural hair journey

This are some of the product i use regularly for my hair. I would recommend using brands that
are good for and would benefit your hair :)

i use this for my protein treatment
twice a month. our hair needs protein
you can also use an egg if u wish and use a shower cap to cover  minimum
time i go for is 45mins max is 3 hrs
depending on hw long i can last
do this on a week end den u have the time just put dis in and go about doin ur chores
by the tym ur done it would have saturated (if dat makes sense)

for ur natural hair journey u would need a lot of conditioners
for  co-washing , home made deep conditioning treat
conditioner is the deal because it helps keeps moisture in
so u can get cheap conditioner like vo5  in ur normal pound shop
so it kl....

Ok.. dis are the new trial products i got 2 weeks ago
one tin for sure the smell nice nd my hair does too hehe
well i got their  3 mins reconstruction deep conditioner which is good
the limited edition of their miracle conditioner
and their shampoo and leave in conditioner
(thumbs up)

so my jojoba oil and grape seed oil
i alternate them every night i use the as a moisture sealer
after i moisturise my hair

Peppermint and tree tea oil
i add peppermint in my sometimes home made deep conditioner
it has this very cool feeling to ur scalp it great u should try it out
and TTO i add in a well
And the both help fight against dandruff  

Argan oil
i use for my edges mostly for some
reason at the middle of my journey my edges fell our
so i use this a stimulant and just massage it in  

Castor oil
i use with the argan oil

my main line product i use is Organics
i use the Aloe shampoo for washing my hair
i have a shampoo wash one a week because if u wash with shampoo all the
tym u would strip ur hair of all its oil so once a week for me
and i conditioner wash twice a week
i use olive oil moisturising lotion foe well to moisturise

this product Doo gro
i can absolutely vouch for it
when i started to use it oh ma lord
u need to see how my hair
was getting thick like seriously
i love it
the are 3 ranges
like there's the anti  dandruff line and anoda which i can not recall

 this is part of my new trail and so far im loving it
it keeps my hair moisturise and i keep saying smelling nice and fresh
 it contains jojoba  seed oil and i took out my weave days ago and dis LIC helped a lot so
Yea. :)

So this are some of the products i use and how i works for me nd my hair, my hair is tough like crazy so i always have to keep it moisturised this process i apply at night cuz i have the time to focus and massage my scalp and when im awake the next morning my hair still has it moisture in it.
TIP: Tie a silk scarf on hair wen about to sleep or use a silk pillow case if u use normal cotton pillow case it would dry off ur hair and ur hair will get split ends and trim ur hair regularly....(im due for a trim)