Thursday, September 29, 2011

Reunion with Friends

OK!!! It had been a while since i saw my friends with every one busy with college and all.
So earlier in May we all got together for a meal. We went to a Russian restaurant (Admiral) for some reason the name reminds of the add on tv ways it was fun had a good time..

The whole theme of the restaurant was a shipwreckish look.... We had a lady sailor sing as well in Russian
                                                                       Twas ok  !!!

And did i mention their toilets are top notch
I took dis pick der <3

                                                     Yea!!! dnt know what we were doing
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                                                                  I love this

Kristina(Middle) found a green worm is her salad
we got a complimentary dessert
it was delish...  

Sorry it took a while to upload this pics I totally forgot about them hehe....