Thursday, September 29, 2011


Natural hair is your natural state of hair you were born with it can be a lil bit tough to maintain if your not dedicated to the transition from permed to was easy for me to go true the transition cuz I had my in a mow-hawk style so when i got tired of it.

All this pic were in 2009
I acquired this hair cut when i went to Nigerian i went to the salon to get my*already short hair trimmed* but i do not know what happened the person trimmed it beyond.....*sigh* and i couldn't do my hair and i was coming back to Ireland the next day so i couldn't leave without anything done so after an hour of disappointment we decided on what to do and we came up with my cut...

this is how my hair is now after one year
now more time are going in into my edges
so im pleased

In 2010 i decided to go natural it has been a long n slow process baring the shedding and the lazy day to go tru ur washes and deep conditioning and all the ceremony. But to say i am happy wit the results i am getting with dedication a good result can be achieved.

In my next post i will give a list of some of the products i use.

Happy Days !!!