Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bleeding Heart

As I write this my heart bleeds.
I heard terrible news yesterday night that made me so much upset.
I went to bed last night and woke up this morning I totally forgot about it because I thought of it as a dream as I had a dream about it overnight after hearing the news. I went on my face book page this morning but for a reminder to have it there in my face that it was not a dream but a reality and a fact. I have never felt this deep about the dead even when my father died God rest his soul. It was shocking beyond my reasoning when I saw the post on Facebook about the death of my friend two days ago, such a beautiful soul and life gone too soon over what ‘Suicide’ I was shocked again when I heard the cause of death I just kept repeating the word over and over in my head why go such a way.
The funny thing was I still like her pic a couple of days ago and she still made a post on the 18/09/2012 but now she is gone. It still baffles me.
It shows that life it too short and can go at any second make the most of it. Accomplish all you want in life every seconds counts.
But I do believe God knows best and why he wants her with him.
Rest in Peace Czarmagne Reyes for ever in my heart
I had to write to get this pent up emotion out of me….

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