Sunday, December 4, 2011

Positivity about Nigeria

When every body hears about Nigeria all that pops into every ones head including mine is the negativity.
We do not take out the time to think about positives things about it
which is sad. Nigeria is full with culture, fashion , cuisine , and so many more its just the bad government and people from less privilege back ground trying to survive (by doing the unthinkable) give it a bad reputation.
Nigeria is our fathers land and i still love it there. I must admit that there are times you hate it, and one is not proud to represent but U ARE WHO U ARE AND WHERE U COME FROM!!!! Embrace it <3
Here a video of Nigeria back in the days very beautiful and with Fela Kuti playing and the past imageries
this makes me proud makes me remember things that i ate and enjoyed :)
And Nigeria has and always will have its own edge.....we are not quitters :D
 For more info about that years Miss Nigeria go onto Linda Ikeji's blog(link below)
so sad to see a woman of beauty in such a state

"The government should get a major life and fix up our country and stop stealing from the country and stop focusing on the gay people and live them alone(They are not God)...BIZZY BODIES.....MSCHEWWWWWWWW.......