Monday, December 5, 2011

Just Norah......

Hello World!!!

I'm here with another Piece. (which is my second piece on this blog.. the unknown is the first check it out)
This Piece is a true story and not a fiction. 
It was written by a close friend of mine,
I have not edited this piece this is how "He" wrote it
and how I'm posing it. It is pure as the "extra virgin oil" you see any where(LoL)
I hope you enjoy reading it and the song.
We hope to receive feedback form every reader, it would be appreciated, and to know
 everyone's views and opinions and if they have ever been in a situation like this.

There's this girl
Her name's Norah
I'm sort of interested in her
I got her contact details
So I could text her..

We started talking', got a bit closer yet further...
She's bi sexual, she's got a partner..
Yet she finds me attractive, She opposes it..

She's so good at making me seem non-existent..
I try to imitate her, but I can't endure it
Not sure how I'm feeling'
I gotta put up with this girl for an academic year

I met her partner, we had a conversation...
She's with a girl and not with me…
I've been single for too long…
I don't have to search so far, Norah's around, but it's complicated...

At 21, I can't account for a decent girl in my life... Yet.
Why am I such a sucker for girls?
My lady friend said I'm only being "human".
I've got exams to worry about, but Norah's occupied my mind

Apparently she's good without me.. But is it all true?
Sought for advice, and I was told to "back off" since she ain't single... I should, but I don't want to... "Why not have us both?" I thought to myself...

I wish I never met her... I'd be better off if I hadn't...

I hate that I fall for her type... I want her in my life...
Because my love's being' faded...

Tick tock time's going' by too..
If I can't do it now, I'd be lucky to do it tomorrow...

Hope you enjoyed reading this