Friday, October 7, 2011

Collective Haul(and my crazy obsession)

This is the long awaited collective haul which was meant to be up yesterday, any-ways its here atlas

At the moment I have a crazy obsession box bags and its going crazy my collection has be increasing up and I got all the box purses in this pics from primak and the are fab like I cant just resisting get any cuute ones I c and love....

My Name Ola and I am a boxbagaholic ....;LOL

this is one of my fav
i love how they paired the blue and the brown
this is one of the items you purchase without knowing
how to use 


This purse has this classical look that calls to me
and I got this bucket shaped bag but it does look
 like a heart  with all its ventricles and all

And dis r some of the shoes I got....

I love this brogues
the tweedish material and the brown leather it perfect for autumn
in my opinion  

I so much love this heels I got them at primak last week and ermm wasn't so sure about them  mum was like it cute
when I tried them on I loved them instantly
they r so comfy
I got the second colour

Are they not cute

I got this chunky heeled shoe in primark as week I love it


I love this much
I can imagine how I'm going to pair them off already
got this from (M&S)

I love this peep toe platforms
the suede material and the make shift bow in the front
apart from that it is super comfys as well
Tip: never buy shoes if they not comfortable for you
lets just say I learned ma lesson

I got this purple loafers from primark they are very cute
and it goes with the colours of this fall
and i love the blue peep toe sandals
I know it almost winter I'm going to be paring them of with tights 

I'm so in love with this....Why?
I got it for a bargain and it also has good specifications
I'm yet to use it when I do will mention it 
When i was looking to get a curling wand I was looking for a wand that has a smaller
 barrel for small curls
but the i got wand gives you big voluptuous curls
so yea I got dis one its OK I guess