Saturday, May 21, 2011

Nigerians are Moving forward.

As we all know Nigerians are moving forward we are setting our footprints around the globe, and WOW we are leaving a positive view.

Now we all know that Nigerian is the second movie producing industry Nollywood (from the info i gathered....don't take offence) after Bollywood and Hollywood being the third largest.

Well these are some of and first of the pictures i have seen of our own Nollywood  in Cannes.
What is Cannes about u ask? "The Cannes Film Festival is essentially an industry event and sales market, which means that you need to be a 'movie professional' in order to attend. However even budding movie-makers fall into this category, and provided you contact the national film commission of your home country well in advance (preferably January) you shouldn't have a problem in being awarded basic (free) accreditation."

Well all i have to say is that this is a huge huge step for us and i'm happy to see it. It all shows that we shouldn't give up, we will get where we have to be it would just have to take a matter of time...