Sunday, June 8, 2014


Hi guys.
I know it has been a long while since I showed my face on here. I'm alive and well. Life just got overwhelming, with that came my lack of zeal to post. If you guys follow me on any of my social media
(instagram, twitter) you would have learned I moved to across the pond to the Uk.

I've been settling in great and I feel more comfortable to be back blogging and recording videos (YouTube)again.

With new beginnings comes new ideas passion and what

So I went ahead started an new blog its re branding of this blog, Its something I feel my blog should look like, by all means it not completely done but little by little.

The post on this blog will still be up as i will not be taking them down this reminds me of the foundation I am building so Cheers to new Beginning.

Of course I would love it if you guys will head on over there and join me on the new journey on Oláyẹ̀míAO 

                         Thanks for sticking with me on my Journey on here. Its time to grow..::)