Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Food Lover
I’m a Food Lover What about you?
Hi my name is Ola and I am your writer starting Now. :d.
Now back to the question, do you classify you self as a food lover or do you just eat and enjoy with pleasure?
I myself I am a food lover, I LOVE food eating, trying out new tastes and flavour and indulging in them  but to an extent (We all don’t want to way go overboard ;).
It’s almost coming to the end of summer and I have been so much into my fruits; Mango, Cherries, Nectarines, Peaches and Honeydew Melon.
Those are just some of the fruits but coming to food now I perfected my Lasagne dish and I must tell you it is scrummy as in words can’t explain.. Well it could bout I can’t think of any..hehehe
I am also experimenting with some new recipes I have not perfected but we getting there.
Then there are some foods that I just cannot stand to eat or to smell or their site. Now a lot of Nigerian people I know including mum love goat meat but God that animal is another thing. The smell that reeks out of it and the taste and its cheese and milk everything form a goat is a no no for me. The whole house stinks up when its being cooked mum know that when it being cook no one is going to eat in whatever is being prepared and another thing is the stench doesn’t leave the house or the smell that has been left on the dished used. So she stays away from it :d but she sometimes get her way with it..LOL
So that’s one of the food I and my siblings dislike, I personally don’t think I can love or enjoy it.
What are the foods or fruits you are into at the moment and the food you so much dislike and cannot stand the sight or smell?
Let me know in the comment box below…
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