Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Princess of the Moors

The "Princess of the Moors" was painted by Leonard Freeman.

When I first saw this picture on African Naturals on facebook, I was intrigued in the sense that:
1) This painting was breath taking and I thought it was a painting of someone and not a painting.
2) It also reminded me of an elegant and beautiful Yoruba woman( Yoruba people ) with her 'Gele'
and the way she wrapped the fabric material on one of her shoulders and the bead around her neck.
Her poster also give the notion of high class but yet simple and down to earth.

I love the painting a whole lot, he also made rendition Charles Cordier's "Nubian Man".
There is a link below to find out more about Leonard Freeman.

That's it on my view on "The Princess of the Moors" I'm sure I could go on but this is short and sweet :D
Yours truly showed her face ;) 

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